MEDNA Bio Uses RENKOM For Data and Workflow Management

By Julia Tu, System Administrator | June 3rd, 2022 at 10:25am CST

MEDNA Bio is committed to efficient and streamlined excellence across all business operations. To support this agenda, MEDNA Bio uses the RENKOM enterprise system, a platform for data and workflow management. 

Custom Data Storage & Analytics

The RENKOM system manages both structural and nonstructural data with advanced data processing and automation. The system supports rapid front-end customization, empowering MEDNA Bio to design a platform that perfectly matches operational needs and evolves alongside the business.  System automation regularly processes data, distributes high-level reports, and generates graphic representations based on admin-given specifications. Thus, MEDNA Bio is able to effectively store all operational data and run advanced processing to generate high-level insights and graphics. This includes tracking inventory levels, manufacturing activities, and order fulfillments. 


MEDNA Bio RENKOM table to manage product catalog. 

Streaming Data

The RENKOM system accepts data streamed directly from devices and can sort the data into database structures for easy processing. Streaming data is done autonomously, ensuring that no important data reporting is left vulnerable to common human errors like making typos and losing data. With the RENKOM system's data streaming capabilities, MEDNA Bio is able to gain high-level and real-time insight about sensor data, manufacturing productivity, and facility emergencies. In addition, since data is automatically streamed to the cloud, the information is accessible from even remote locations. 

Automation for Workflow Facilitation

The RENKOM system features system, simple, conditional, and personal automation to execute workflows and alleviate tasks from users. Example activities include removing outliers, color-coding data, and sending alerts. RENKOM automated scripts can search data for key conditions then execute the appropriate activities to continue the workflow. The RENKOM system also supports the development of interactive user interfaces that can perform activities on and with data. For example, MEDNA Bio has built out chromatograms to perform manipulations on streamed data from automated chromatography processes. 

One of MEDNA Bio's many chromatograms for data processing and visualization