RENKOM Technologies powers

By Julia Tu, System Administrator | June 14th, 2023 at 6:14pm CST

MEDNA Bio's internal RENKOM system includes several data tables to support product catalogs, customer orders, website content, and more. These tables integrate with and provide content for each webpage. For example, each PRODUCT webpage on is controlled by an active PRODUCT table record within MEDNA Bio's RENKOM system. Inactive PRODUCT table records are hidden from webpage display. By designing to pull content from an enterprise system, MEDNA Bio has greatly reduced the need for complex and tedious back-end programming. Website content is instead managed on the front-end which allows for increased transparency, dynamic updates, and faster progress. 

PRODUCTs table which lists all active products in MEDNA Bio's catalog

PRODUCT record which allows user to define the linked category, webpage content, search engine optimization keywords, and page URL

Increased Transparency

Website developers create black boxes of code that are very difficult to understand and access by those who should be managing website content like marketing and leadership teams. Integrating a public website with an internal data management system empowers those with little to no programming experience to update websites in real-time and not rely on website developers. The RENKOM system offers additional transparency features like audit trails to document website update activities and custom user-access permissions to ensure that only authorized individuals can update the website.

Dynamic Updates

On, any update made to an integrated RENKOM table record will automatically display on within 1 minute. In addition,'s website setup allows for any new RENKOM record to automatically create a new associated webpage. 

Faster Progress

Making website changes on a front-end enterprise system is much simpler and therefore faster to make than on the back-end of a traditional website. For example, it is much faster to update a PRODUCT page description by just updating the text in the RENKOM table record field than have to access the website's back-end and update complex code. The integration of enterprise systems like RENKOM to website management streamlines the website update process. Software developers are no longer needed for website content updates. RENKOM tables tables make it extremely easy to update website components and other RENKOM features like system automation, audit trails, and custom user permissions enhance the website management process.