Purification & Detection

Ni-NTA Agarose

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
A1025 25 mL $250.00
A1026 100 mL $700.00


Ni-NTA agarose is developed for the purification of proteins with histidine tags using immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC). It is a fast flow resin with high binding capacity. There are 10-15 µmols of Ni2+ ions per mL of 4% cross-linked agarose. It is supplied in a slurry with 20% ethanol , and in the uncharged resin form. It has applicability in batch mode at small and large scales, and has great performance at high flow rates.



  • Binding capacity: 30 mg His-tagged protein/mL of resin.
  • Recommended pressure and flow: 100 kPa, 250-400 cm/h.
  • Particle size: 45 µm-165 µm 
  • pH stability: 3-12
  • Use the following protocol to charge the resin with Nickel: (1) Wash resin with 20 CVs of water, (2) Load resin with 2 CVs of 100 mM Nickel Sulfate, (3) Wash out excess metal with 10 CVs of water. If not used immediately, wash with 10 CVs of 20% EtOH and store at 4 degrees Celsius.