Purification & Detection

ELISA Reagent Kit For Mouse Fc Protein (Key Reagents Only)

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
D4020 sufficient for 20 plates $500.00
D4021 sufficient for 100 plates $1,500.00


1. Capturing antibody 
2. Detecting antibody 
3. Mouse Fc protein standard 
4. ELISA Protocol



The following reagents are NOT included in the kit and must be provided by the end users: 
1. 96-well or 384-well ELISA plates 
2. Assay Diluent (PBS + 1% BSA) 
3. Wash buffer (PBS + 0.01% Tween20) 
4. HRP substrate (TMB) 
5. Stop solution (0.5N HCl) 
6. Absorbance microplate reader (we recommend BMG LABTECH microplate readers)

ELISA assay reactivity is sensitive to variations in operator, pipetting and washing techniques, incubation time, temperature, composition of reagents, and other experimental variables. Assay optimization may be required to generate the standard curve and fit the samples in the specified detection range. 

**For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.