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BUVA UV Absorbance Detector

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Q8100 Unit $1,000.00

BUVA, a novel line of single-use, UV absorbance detectors

This novel offering to the downstream protein purification market runs on a pre-configured host machine or can be installed on any Windows 10 system.

This portable unit requires only a power plug, USB and connects up to a laptop for graph display and data export.

Our base model offers a sampling rate of 1 Hz with sampling rates of up to 10 Hz available on advanced modes.

BUVA runs alongside a user-friendly software with high-resolution display graphs for ease of data interpretation and ingestion.

350µL Flow-Paths are currently available fitted with 10-32 PEEK fittings and 0.04" ID / 0.0625" OD PEEK tubing.

Each flow-path is manufactured with industry-grade materials including: JSG2 Quartz, PEEK, Silicone and Gold -- ensuring sufficient interness across a multitude of chemistries.

BUVA is also available for direct integration to the RENKOM software system.

Highlights include:
- 350 µL flow-path volume
- Chemically Inert materials: Quartz, PEEK, Silicone and Gold.
- Gold-wire Conductivity sensing, in a switching-bipolar configuration
- Dedicated 280nm LED light source, with additional absorbances in development.
- Single-use cuvettes are a price-conscious alternative to current industry offerings.
- A base sampling rate of 1 Hz with higher time-resolutions up to 10hz available.
- Spacious, User-Friendly software interface
- Connect the instrument to your own machine or purchase a pre-configured host laptop.
- PLA plastic body is robust against disinfection with 90% IPA.