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10L Non-sterile Fluid Handling Bag

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
B1001 Each $40.00


MEDNA’s single-use fluid handling bags are composed of multi-layer HDPE plastic film.  They are designed to transfer and store your products.  Made from proprietary co-extruded film with ULDPE fluid contacting layer.  Assembled using Flexelene™ tubing with 2 male and 2 female luer connectors for easy operator connections. 



10L size

4 ports: ¼”x ¼” x ¼” x ¼”

Tubing length: 10”

Tubing Diameter:

  • O.D:  3/8"
  • I.D: 1/4"

2 male luer lock to barb connector

2 female luer lock to barb connector

Supplied with tubing clamps

10L sterile Option:

The bags are placed inside a protective packaging then sterilized using E-beam irradiation.


10L non-sterile option:

Bags are placed inside a protective packaging. Bags are not sterilized.