Purification & Detection

DEAE Focurose FF

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
V9015 25 mL $72.00
V9016 100 mL $192.00
V9017 250 mL $360.00
V9018 1 L $1,200.00

Product Introduction

DEAE Focurose FF is a weak anion exchange resin used for the separation and purification of all charged biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. It has a medium-sized particle design, suitable for the initial capture and moderate purification of samples. 


  • Easy to scale up
  • Balances flow rate performance and resolution
  • High chemical tolerance
  • Easy to maintain

DEAE Focurose FF Protocol

DEAD Focurose FF Performance Parameters


6% highly cross-linked agarose

Particle size range 


Average particle size


Resin type

Weak anion exchange

Charged group

-N+(C2 H5)2H

Ion loading

110-160 μmol Cl-/mL resin

pH stability

2-9 (operating) / 2-12 (long-term) / 2-14 (short-term)

Chemical stability

Compatible with common buffers, 1.0 M sodium hydroxide, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, 70% ethanol

Avoid using oxidizing agents and anionic detergents

Linear flow velocity (0.3 MPa)

≥300 cm/h

Operating pressure


Storage solution

20% ethanol

Storage conditions