Purification & Detection

Benzamidine Focurose 4FF (HS)

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V3105 25 mL $294.00
V3106 100 mL $784.00
V3107 250 mL $1,470.00
V3018 1 L $4,900.00

Product Introduction

Benzamidine Focurose 4FF (HS) is suitable for the separation and purification of pancreatic protease, thrombin, enterokinase, urinary kallikrein, and prolyl endopeptidase (peptidase release enzyme). It can also be used for rapid removal of cell culture supernatant, bacterial lysates, and serine proteases in serum.


  • Rapid and simple (one-step purification)
  • High loading capacity
  • Easy to scale up

Benzamidine Focurose 4FF (HS) Protocol

Benzamidine Focurose 4FF (HS) Performance Parameters


Highly cross-linked 4% agarose

Particle size range 


Average particle size (D50)


Binding capacity

≥30 mg/mL (for pancreatic protease)

pH stability

1-9 (short-term), 2-8 (long-term)

Chemical stability

Compatible with commonly used buffer solutions, 8M urea, 6M guanidine hydrochloride.

Linear flow velocity (0.3 MPa)

≥250 cm/h

Operating pressure


Storage solution

0.05M NaAc in 20% ethanol pH 4.0

Storage conditions