Purification & Detection

Epoxy Focurose 4FF

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
V0035 25 mL $816.00
V0036 100 mL $2,176.00
V0037 250 mL $4,080.00
V0038 1 L $13,600.00

Product Introduction

Epoxy Focurose 4FF is a fast-flow purification resin that has been activated with epoxy, suitable for the purification of biochemical small molecules containing hydroxyl, amino, and thiol groups. It has been extensively used and validated in biopharmaceutical purification processes. 


  • Wide applicability, suitable for coupling with biomolecules containing hydroxyl, amino, or thiol groups
  • Simple, flexible, fast, and efficient coupling that maintains the biological activity and stability of biomolecules effectively
  • Fast flow rate, high yield, and easy scalability

Epoxy Focurose 4FF Performance Parameters


Highly cross-linked 4% agarose

Particle size range 


Average particle size (D50)


Binding capacity

≥10 μmol (epoxy groups) /mL

pH stability

2-14 (long-term) 2-14 (short-term)

Linear flow velocity (0.3 MPa)

≥250 cm/h

Operating pressure


Storage solution

20% ethanol

Storage conditions


* Stability depends on the coupled ligand