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Human Fc Protein (IgG1)

Catalog # Size Price Quantity
E1012 100 µg $250.00
E1011 1 mg $1,800.00


This recombinant Human IgG1 Fc protein is produced in and purified from HEK293 cells. It is great to use as a negative control in binding assays such as ELISA and flow cytometry that use antibodies containing the human IgG1 Fc domain as a constant region.



Recombinant fusion proteins consisting of the extracellular domain of immunoregulatory proteins and the constant (Fc) domain of immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) represent a growing class of human therapeutics. Chimeric protein of Human antigen-targeting variable domain and Human IgG-Fc domain can be purified using protein A chromatography. Our product, E1011, is the Human IgG1 Fc domain control protein, purified using protein A-agarose (GE, cat. # 17-5438). MW ~55 kDa.



100 mM HEPES, 0.2% sodium acetate, pH 6. 0.2 µm filtered solution.



Long term storage at -80.

Stable at <-20 for 3 months or at 4-7 for 3 weeks.

Minimize repeated freeze-thaw cycles.



Purity: >95%.